Structural Demolition Debris & Junk Removal Service | Sacramento

Whether you are demolishing a structure as a commercial service or taking care of something at home, you need a way to dispose of the resulting debris.  It’s essential to keep any worksite or simply the area around your home or business clean and tidy to avoid causing any accidents and make sure you can make the most of the space you have. If you need help with demolition junk and debris removal, Junk Guys can help out Sacramento businesses and homeowners. We can demolish and remove a variety of structures, from mobile homes to concrete pavement.

General Demolition Services in Sacramento Area

Junk Guys offer interior and exterior demolition, including:

  • Cabinets and Counter-Tops
  • Sheds and Storage Buildings
  • Playsets and Patio Decks
  • Hot-Tubs and Pools
  • Bathroom & Kitchen Fixtures
  • Dishwasher, Frigs & Water Heaters

Structural Demolition Debris & Junk Removal Service

JunkGuys Sacramento Structural Demolition Debris & Junk Removal Services are Exactly What You Need!

Mobile Home Demolition & Debris Removal Services

JunkGuys Sacramento Mobile Home Demolition & Debris Removal Service Takes Care of Everything for You!

Shed Demolition & Removal Services

JunkGuys Sacramento Shed Demolition Removal Service will Quickly Tear Down and Remove Your Unwanted Structures!

Chicken Coop Tear Down & Removal

JunkGuys of Sacramento will even dismantle, remove and clean up your Old Chicken Coop & Cages for You!

Taking Care of Demolition Debris Removal & Material Disposal

When you need to remove unwanted structures and items from your yard, home or business, getting rid of them quickly and efficiently is your top priority. You want to save time, clear some space, and possibly make sure that you improve safety in and around your home, business or worksite too. If you have a demolition job that needs taking care of, you should make sure the demolition service that you use can also remove the resulting debris and leave you with a clean and tidy area. Our interior and exterior services can take care of cabinets, sheds, hot tubs, playhouses, pools, and many other items. Remember, all materials we remove will be Recycled, Donated or Properly Disposed of.  We are a very Eco-Friendly Sacramento Service!

How Can JunkGuys Sacramento Help With Your Demolition Needs?

Junk Guys will take care of any of your demolition and junk removal needs. We come and do a pre-demolition check, schedule your demolition, and carry it out within two to three days. We can even get some smaller jobs completed within 24 hours. Many standard demolition projects in the local Sacramento Metropolitan Area can be completed for – just the cost of the debris removal – labor is included!  Shedsplaysetshot-tubs, and most interior demolition all fall into this category.  Some large projects like BarnsGarages and Mobile Homes; Special Demolition Equipment is required and the pricing will vary. We will recycle and properly dispose of all of the resulting debris we haul away so that you don’t have to think about it. We leave a clean site so that you can continue with your work or enjoy the new space you have in your home or business.

Full-Service Demolition Removal, You Don’t Lift a Finger! We Do It All!

We provide a full-service demolition and debris removal service for your convenience and you don’t have to do anything, we will take care of it all for you.  It is what we do and why you hired us, right? Many of the standard demolition jobs that we carry out in the Sacramento Metropolitan Area can be completed for just the cost of the debris removal, with labor included, making everything super easy for you. Small projects, from sheds to hot tubs, are simple tasks that we can get finished in no time at all. Larger projects can take longer and require special equipment, meaning that prices can vary, but we always try our best to offer a price that works for you.

Get In Touch With the JunkGuys for Your Local Demolition Service Needs!

You can contact us to inquire about any of our services, or use our online booking to make it even faster and more efficient to get your job booked in. We can give you a quote on your project, whether you book online or give us a call. If you decide to book online, you even save money on your job. It doesn’t take long to get a quote and to schedule the job. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us today and take care of your demolition and debris removal project as soon as possible.

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