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Junk Removal Placerville California

We are the JunkGuys in Placerville, CA carrying out expert junk removal services. Our very satisfied clients find us to be perfectly sized for all residential and industrial junk hauling demands. If you were searching for the most effective junk removal service in Placerville, you came to the appropriate place!

We are expertly trained and also properly equipped to execute your big construction and demolition material hauling assignments the right way and on schedule. That consists of the removal of concrete, stonework, pavement, timber as well as rock. Do you have non-working appliances that are huge as well as don’t belong in a landfill? We are the perfect service to getting rid of that junk in a safe and responsible way! That means old refrigerators, televisions, washing machine & clothes dryer, or perhaps busted ovens can be gotten rid of from your property.

Junk Hauling for Apartment & Property Managers

That is right; we provide Placerville junk removal done right and in a professional way that appreciates the rights as well as property of lessees while making your job as a building manager easier! Occupant evictions are no fun for any person involved yet they can go smoothly with an experienced Placerville junk removal expert. JunkGuys can handle all manner of renter junk scenarios, such as hoarding problems. If you need to evict an occupant, contact us and have the mess hauling arranged so you can begin preparing that property for the next resident quickly!

Local Placerville City Area Junk Removal & Hauling Services

Placerville residents have an easy solution to their junk hauling needs, and that is JunkGuys. We work hard, but most importantly, we work smart. Among the greatest advantages to utilizing JunkGuys for your junk removal, Placerville homeowners, is that we are a genuinely small business, not like the huge national companies that treat customers like simply another number. You can call us and we will get with you promptly to talk things through, come up with an estimate and also a game plan for your next debris removal. We receive wonderful testimonials from homeowners as well as business owners alike. Part of the reason is that we are generally available within a twenty-four-hour window for junk removal.

Do not simply settle for any old “junk removal near me” – with JunkGuys, you will not need to lift a hand. JunkGuys does every single thing for you. Our quotes on regular Placerville junk hauling jobs are all inclusive, so there are no surprises. That means you get one basic cost. We are also rather flexible with what we are willing to haul away. If it fits in our truck, it is probably haulable. Just give us a call and ask!

Please keep in mind that on special projects, specifically projects that need us to do the tear-down work like breaking down a patio area or concrete pathway may require some added equipment and fees. Please call +1 (916) 218-0765 at any time. Thanks, and we eagerly anticipate hauling your junk!

Have Junk in Placerville & Want It to Go Away?

EASY Online Booking! We are there in 24hrs for most jobs! JunkGuys Placerville is Just the Service You Need Labor Included! 

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Book Online & Save *$20

Schedule Your Service Appointments Online and we show our Appreciation & Return *$20 of the Service Fees Back to You! Welcome You to the JunkGuys Placerville Community!
(*$20 Discount Applied to 1/6 Truck Volume Load to Full.)

JunkGuys Serving the City of Placerville, California

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Top Quality Sacramento Junk Removal Services & Pricing

Our Junk Removal Service Pricing Rate is based on the Cubic Yards Removed.  So, when you're are wondering how much does junk removal cost in Sacramento, CA?

Know that it will depend on a few things like what specifically is being removed, space it takes up in the Truck or Trailer when loaded, and what equipment is required to tear it down and/or lift it into the Trucks or Trailers. 

Also, note our Junk Hauling Trucks are generally 30% Larger than Franchise Competitors and they charge more per Truck Load

Easy to Schedule JunkGuys Services!

Welcome! Let's Get Started!

Step #1:  Call (916) 218-0765 or use our Online Booking Service to let us know about the unwanted items you would like removed from your Residence, Storage Unit, Business or Construction Site Property.

Online Booking Services can Save *$30 OFF Your Overall Junk Removal Services Fees!
(* Truck Load Vol. 1/6th to Full Only.)

No-Obligation Cost Estimate!

Step #2: We do a walkthrough of the Junk Removal Project and the unwanted items you would like removed. Then provide an Upfront No-Obligation Cost Estimate before we begin our Services so there are No Surprises at the End of the Job.

Online Booking Services can Save *$30 OFF Your Overall Junk Removal Services Fees!
(* Truck Load Vol. 1/6th to Full Only.)

We Take Care of Everything!

Step #3:  We get to work doing the demolition, move the unwanted items & debris to our Junk Removal Trucks & Trailers, and you don't have to lift a finger. You just help us understand what you would like removed from your Property.  We do the Rest!

Online Booking Services can Save *$30 OFF Your Overall Junk Removal Services Fees!
(* Truck Load Vol. 1/6th to Full Only.)

Clean-Up Before We Leave!

Step #1:  After we removed unwanted items from your Property, we also clean-up, rake, & sweep the area before leaving. JunkGuys is a Locally Owned Sacramento Business providing Quality Service to Great Customers.

Online Booking Services can Save *$30 OFF Your Overall Junk Removal Services Fees!
(* Truck Load Vol. 1/6th to Full Only.)

* All Labor is included with the JunkGuys Junk Pick-Up, Hauling & Disposal Services.

Junk Removal Services Offered Throughout The Sacramento Area

We'll Help You Remove Unwanted Junk, Appliances, Hot-Tubs, Concrete, Yard Waste & More!  It's What We Do for You!

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Book Services Online & Save *$20

You save us time when you Schedule our Services Appointments Online, so it is only fair we show our Appreciation and return *$20 from the Service Fees and Welcome You to the JunkGuys Placerville Community!
(*$20 Discount Applied to 1/6 Truck Volume Loads to Full.)

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