Junk Removal Services Will Help You Lose Unwanted Weight Fast!

Have you ever taken a peek in your garage or attic and thought, “where did all this stuff come from!?” You’re not alone. In the natural world, useful materials are scarce and hard to come by. It’s human nature to hang onto things we don’t use because we “might need them someday.”

However, in our modern world of convenience and plenty, we’re never going to need that box of RCA cables. They’re simply not used any more. Still, it’s tough to fight our instincts. Even when we suspect or know that we aren’t going to use certain items again, it can still be difficult to get rid of them.

Cardboard boxes, old electronics, office supplies, clothes, and sentimental items are all commonly put into “storage,” where they collect dust and take up unnecessary space. Unfortunately, even when we decide to clean out those storage areas, coming across old stuff can trigger positive memories and awaken feelings of nostalgia, prompting us to keep things we haven’t touched in years.

Fortunately, there is a simple strategy you can use to push past this instinct to keep old items and cut down on clutter. It’s called the 50 Pound Rule.

The 50 Pound Rule is extremely simple: every month, resolve to get rid of 50 pounds of stuff from your life. This might sound like a daunting task or a lot of weight, but consider this: many old CRT TVs weigh upwards of 200 pounds!

Once you get into the swing of things, Getting Rid of 50 Pounds of “Unwanted Junk” at a time is a Breeze.

Contact JunkGuys to Start Removing the Clutter

The best place to begin the Junk Elimination Process is usually your closet.  Begin by removing every article of clothing that’s hanging in your closet so you will then have make a decision with each item.

Change Your Thinking from, “What should I get rid of?” to “Should I Keep it?”

Large Appliance Removal Services

JunkGuys Sacramento Appliance Removal Services are for Big Appliances like this Hot-Tub.

Medium Appliance Removal Services

JunkGuys Sacramento Appliance Removal Services are for Medium Appliances like this Dishwasher.

Regular Appliance Removal Services

JunkGuys Sacramento Appliance Removal Services are for Regular Appliances like this Television.

Storage Shed Unused Item Removal

JunkGuys of Sacramento will meet you at your Storage Unit and help you remove the Items you don't need or clean-out everything.

Junk Elimination Starts with Deciding What is Junk & What is Not… 

One way to get started, if you haven’t worn the article of clothing in a year or more, it goes in the donate pile.  This will help you make the tough calls more readily as you decide which items to return to your closet.  Anything that’s left should be gotten rid of and donated. 

Anything that you love and wear with at least some frequency can be kept and returned to your closet.  Everything that’s left is the “middle ground” – will be the difficult decisions…  Should they stay or should they go? 

Another easy decision maker in this process is to simply get rid of anything that doesn’t fit.  Right?  If you can’t wear it now, why keep it?

Next, consider your style. Anything you don’t feel confident wearing or that doesn’t fit your current style should be disposed of. At this point, if you’ve been truly honest with yourself, you should have a good idea of what stays and what goes.

Great Job! Removing Unwanted Items Can Be a Positive Experience

Once you’ve cleaned out your closet, you may find that you’ve already gotten rid of 50 pounds – or more!  If you haven’t, that’s perfectly fine, too.  What’s important is that you get started and have made some progress.

Maybe, it’s time to move on to the attic or the garage.  These two areas get notoriously cluttered, and you’ll thank yourself for cleaning up the space.

You can Start by getting rid of any old electronics or electric equipment that no longer functions. Next, remove all the cardboard boxes and other items you’ve stowed for “future use” but have never used.

Then start going through boxes of seasonal decorations, old tools, and even sentimental items that you don’t incorporate into your everyday life.

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