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Concrete Demolition, Debris Material Removal & Site Cleanup Services

We will Get Your Concrete, Brick & Pavement Mess Taken Care of Fast and Thoroughly!

JunkGuys Sacramento is a Professional Demolition and Construction Site Debris Cleanup Service for Concrete, Pavement, Brick, Rock, Tile and other Debris Materials. 

We can break up, remove, and haul away all types of concrete, brick, tile, rock, and pavement from small patios and in-ground and above-ground swimming pools to entire parking lots. 

No matter the size, we’ve got the equipment and expertise to get the job done right and done fast.

We take pride in having the quickest turnaround time in the hauling business when you book online, usually within 24 hours, but it will depend on the scope of the job and the availability of equipment necessary to conduct the necessary demolition and removal work.

We can generally have a concrete removal job started within two days. We understand that your time is very important.

The length of the job depends on the scale of the work and the accessibility of the job site. If the concrete must be removed by hand, the length of the job may increase. Contact us for more details about your specific concrete removal needs.

Junk Removal Services: What Can We Remove For You?

We can help you with all of your Concrete or Brick removal related tasks. We will quickly and efficiently remove every last scrap of material and leave you with a clean space ready for you to move on to your next renovation project.

Call us at (916)-218-0765 with any Junk or scrap removal questions!

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Book Online & Save! 

Schedule our Service Online & Save *$30 on our Services. 

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Full-Service Concrete Material Removal with No Headaches

Concrete removal is not your typical DIY project.

It’s backbreaking work, and even if you manage to break up the concrete, how will you haul it away and where will you take it?

Instead of breaking your back, taking up your entire weekend, and attempting to use your own vehicle to haul material, why not give us a call?

We’ll save your back, your weekend, and your vehicle, and you’ll be stress-free knowing the job will get done right!

Concrete Removal Cost

Concrete removal is priced differently than our normal junk removal services. There are several different factors that go into pricing the job, including the thickness of the concrete, access, type of concrete, the size of the slab that is being removed, and more.

Standard concrete removal cost generally runs $5-$9 per square foot and will of course vary depending upon the equipment required to break up the concrete into removable and hauling away pieces. 

Give us a call to receive a firm estimate for removing your concrete and we’ll be on site within 24 hours.

We remove just about every type of Concrete, Pavement, Brick or Tile Configuration and have the very affordable pricing.

General Concrete Demolition Services:

  • Concrete Slab Removal
  • Haul Away Concrete Pool Debris
  • Remove a Concrete Driveway
  • Remove Concrete Stairs
  • Concrete patio Removal
  • Remove Driveway Pavement
  • Residential Concrete Removal
  • Commercial Concrete Removal

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